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Why ArtsyCarts

ArtsyCarts was created in direct response to the need for a multivendor platform that did more for vendors, took less from their profits and gave consumers more reasons to support.  There are 4 key reasons to support ArtsyCarts:

  1. We give vendors more of their hard earned money
  2. We help vendors sell more by providing them with more resources at no cost.
  3. We give consumers more,
  4. We support causes and charities in a variety of ways.
(see our inspiration below…)

Meet The Vendor Who Inspired ArtsyCarts


Meet the vendor who inspired ArtstCarts. Dari Lomax, who runs Pure Dari, is a successful custom product creator who sells on almost every platform including her own online store ( After seeing her success in-spite of the hurdles existing platforms make you endure, it was imperative that ArtsyCarts was created. and with her help, we are here…
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